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Therapeutic Counselling is a person-centred talking and creative therapy to help clients experiencing distress in their lives. The distresses’ (or emotional blocks) can take the form of many emotions.


These emotional responses can be brought on by a life-changing event, relationship or family issues, ongoing sadness or low mood, work-related issues or deep-seated unresolved issues.


Going through adolescent bring many changes and challenges, and for some can bring confusing and often difficult feelings and experiences. Its an age where feeling powerless, misunderstood and not being heard can bring negative thoughts and feelings that may be hard to work through.


Counselling can offer a safe, confidential space to be heard, to express these thoughts and feelings. By building a trusting relationship that may help them navigate their way through to a healthy adulthood counselling can support new perspectives for them in their changing world. 


We live in a world where it is not unusual to medicate with prescribed or non-prescribed medication. It can be non-medication with people addicted to items such as chocolate, caffeine, nicotine, sex of food. This can be isolating, lonely, and affect your health, relationships, and lifestyle. There may come a time when you wish to take back control and struggle to change this. Support through this difficult time in a therapeutic relationship can help.


We all suffer loss in our life, be it a relationship, a job or with physical items such as cars, homes and money. Depending on each individual loss, its relevance to us and the individual circumstances we may have many feelings to work through. Shock, anger, tiredness, guilt, foolishness or shame to name a few. A safe, confidential and empathic therapeutic relationship can help you resolve some of these feelings, and support you moving forward accepting your loss and seeing how you can move forward with hope and new resilience.


When we lose someone close, such a loved one, family member or a friend or acquaintance, or our beloved pets, or are facing losing them, our life changes irreversibly. Each loss is individual, and feelings of anger, shock, disbelief, guilt or denial will vary with us all. Worries such as forgetting our loved ones, the change in your role and status and coping space left behind can be a painful and lonely experience. With personal and cultural circumstances and beliefs varying over how we deal with this difficult time, Therapeutic counselling can offer all these normal feelings a personal, individual support for your unique circumstances, holding your values alongside your needs.


Abuse therapy can be very supportive and effective in recovering from abuse, be it physical, sexual, emotional, financial, age or disability-related. Therapy can be offered in a safe confidential setting where there are clear boundaries, and a regular space each week to allow you to explore and focus on your experiences and feelings. Working within a therapeutic relationship where you are in control will allow us to work together, at your pace, and engage in exploring triggers or behaviours that have been challenging. The aim would be to support you as you move forward and engage with your life fully.


Trauma can occur after a distressing event or a series of events, such experience can have a profound effect on our psychological and emotional well-being. The result of this can lead you to feel totally overwhelmed, out of control and unable to cope with life. The environment can feel unsafe and leave us feeling on guard and ready for danger at all times. Therapy can be offered in a safe confidential setting where there are clear boundaries allowing you to explore and focus on your experiences and feelings. Working within a therapeutic relationship, where you are in control, will allow us to work together at your pace with the aim of supporting you as you move forward in your life.

Couples, relationships, and marriage counselling
You may be or have been in relationships that are difficult, where you do not feel heard, understood, or noticed. Whether it is a romantic or sexual relationship, a family relationship such as parent and child or sibling,  work colleagues or friends, you can have difficult periods or feel there have always been areas that are problematic.  Whatever brings you to relationship counselling, you will both be met with equal empathy, honesty and without judgement. You will both be heard and validated, and helped to understand yourself and each other,  by a therapist who has no agenda and is on both of your sides.